Restaurant Polonez is located on the sixth floor. The restaurant combines fine cuisine and traditional Belarusian hospitality, impeccable service and an individual approach to each guest.

The interior of the restaurant is designed in a classic noble style, where every detail is exquisitely combined with each other.

Our restaurant is not only an ideal place for business meetings with your partners, but also an perfect place for a romantic date. The restaurant hall is great for corporate or individual events. Here you can host an excellent banquet or buffet with up to 35 guests.

The restaurant has a separate VIP lounge with 16 seats. You can enjoy first-class service here while enjoying delicious food and discussing business matters.

Our chef offers a varied and delicious menu with a large selection of seasonal dishes. It will also be happy to take care of your individual taste preferences.

The combination of careful service, elegance and presentable interior always gives a real feeling that every guest is welcome here.


Excuisite cuisine
Food catering
Hosting events up to 35 persons
Free Wi-Fi
Premium services

Our menu

Salmon ceviche with orange concasse

salmon, orange, soy sauce, garlic, olive oil, sesame oil, corn oil,  mixed herbs

27,00 BYN.


Vegetable platte

cucumber, tomato, pepper, salad mix, olives

13,00 BYN.


Beef carpaccio with aroma herbs  

beef top round, parmesan, mixed salad? lemon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar 

22,00 BYN.


Meat plate 

salami, ham, becon, pastrami, mustard, olives

20,00 BYN.


Cheese plate 

parmesan, Dorblu, Camembert, Feta, fig jam, grapes, almond

17,00 BYN.


Salmon rolls

pancake, cream cheese, salmon, lemon

20,00 BYN.


Corsican salad

cherry tomato, cucumber, pepper, Feta cheese, black olives, green olives, mixed herbs, dressing

10,00 BYN.


Caesar salad with shrimps

tiger shrimps, salad mix, parmesan, cherry tomato,  rusk, lemon, Caesar dressing

24,00 BYN.


Caesar salad with chicken

chicken fillet, salad mix, parmesan, cherry tomato, mixed herbs, rusk, Caesar dressing

17,00 BYN.


Warm chicken liver salad

chicken liver, grilled vegetables (zucchini, sweet pepper, champignons, cherry tomato), mixed herbs, honey-mustard dressing, butter, almond petals

18,00 BYN.




Chicken julienne

chicken fillet, mushrooms, onion, hard cheese, cream, 

8,00 BYN.


Fish coquille

cod fillet, salmon fillet, hard cheese, onion, cream

18,00 BYN.






Minestrone soup

broth, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, provencal herbs

6,00 BYN.


Сream soup of champignons

 champignons, onions, cream, mushroom broth, garlic

7,00 BYN.


Solyanka with meat

broth, beef tenderloin, smoked sausage, smoked hamcarrots, pickled cucumbers, onion, tomato pasta, lemon, olivers, capers,sour cream

10,00 BYN.






Grilled dorado

dorado, onion, lemon, white wine, garlic, capers, salad mix

35,00 BYN.


Beef medallions with baked vegetables and tkemali sauce

beef tenderloin, bell pepper, zucchini, cherry tomato, mushrooms, tkemali sauce, mix salad

40,00 BYN.


Seafood spaghetti

spaghetti, seafood mix (tiger prawns, mussels, squids), cream, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese

25,00 BYN.


Tagliatelle with chicken and mushrooms

tagliatelle, chicken fillet, champignons, leek, cream, parmesan

19,00 BYN.






Salmon steak

salmon fillet, lemon, salad mix

45,00 BYN.


Beef steak

beef tenderloin, salad mix

45,00 BYN.


Pork steak

pork, salad mix

22,00 BYN.


Chicken steak

chicken fillet, salad mix 

20,00 BYN.




Steamed broccoli


8,00 BYN.


Grilled vegetables

champignons, zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, cherry tomato

10,00 BYN.


Boiled rice

rice, turmeric, butter

4,50 BYN.


Potato baked with rosemary

potato, garlic, rosemary, olive oil

5,00 BYN.


French fries


5,50 BYN.



Apple strudel with ice-cream, 120 g

8,50 BYN.

Ice-cream with fruits, 185/2 g

6.5 BYN.










French bun with garlic, 55 g

1,50 BYN.

Bread basket, 105 g

3,00 BYN.

Rye bread 

0,20 BYN.



Assorted marinades, 390 g




13,00 BYN.


Herring appetizer with potatoes, 230 g




10,00 BYN.


Potato pancakes with salmon, 230 g




20,00 BYN.


Potato pancakes with gravy, 335 g




16,00 BYN.


Potato pancakes with meat, 335 g




16,00 BYN.


Potato pancakes with sour cream, 235 g




12,00 BYN.


Home-made sausages with potatoes, 300 g




16,00 BYN.


Country style pot roast, 300 g




17,00 BYN.